Lessons Learned

You asked for it! You got it! "Lessons Learned" is a brand new book filled with some of Mark's favorite "Creative Thinking" columns from the Telegraph. It is the perfect gift for you or someone you love. Order yours today!



Filled with over 350 mouth-watering recipes belonging to Mark, his friends and fans! Mark's excited to feature a special Celebrity Section featuring some of his "famous" friends. Including recipes and remarks by Nancy Grace, Barbara Dooley, Rose Lane and Chuck Leavell, Zelma Redding and many more! Mark's original artwork graces the front.


The Four Seasons

A Collection of Food, Fun and Remembrances
Mark's second cookbook features over 500 recipes, projects and stories organized around the major holidays within each of the four seasons. It is destined to become your favorite book - great for cooking or just reading!


In The Kitchen with Mark!

Recipes are special and wonderful things that need to be treasured. If a well-used and much loved cookbook could talk, it would most certainly tell of a lifetime of wonderful meals. With this cookbook, Mark digs a little deeper into his family collections and found some new and older recipes to share with you. Over 250 recipes.

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Blossoms & Bees, Peachs & Poundcakes Cookbook

A collection of over 300 of Mark's favorite recipes from family, friends and fans.

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Delightful and Sinsational

A Collection of Stories and Recipes
"Delightful and Sinsational," is two books in one! Mark tells about his battles with weight over the years and the "secret" behind his recent weight loss. He gives tips about eating and exercising your way to better health along with "delightful" and delicious recipes. However, he also tells of times that he’s slipped up and includes recipes that are so "sinsational" that everyone has to have a taste every now and then.


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