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Thanksgiving memories

My earliest memories of this time of year take on the distinctive forms of pilgrims, changing leaves, dried corn stalks and the colorful bounty of the earth. I always knew it was fall long before the temperatures began to change. I realized it because my teacher would tell the story of how the pilgrims arrived to settle in a new and wonderful land. It was always so exciting to me. It appealed to my then developing sense of adventure. The story always ended with a feast that included just about every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable that the pilgrims had grown. As she told the story, I could just close my eyes and see the pilgrims gathered around big, food laden tables, holding hands and giving thanks for all the many ways they had been blessed. Thanksgiving still evokes a wonderful feeling for me. Just thinking of Thanksgiving makes me smile. Although I must admit, all the wonderful and delicious food does play an important role in that smile!

When I was just a little tike in grade school, I can vividly remember drawing stick figures with hats that were supposed to be the pilgrims that settled in America . Below them I always included mounds of vegetables that indicated what the crops had yielded. I think that was when I first realized what a cornucopia was. And once I realized it, I drew it year after year until I mastered all the details of the basket filled with vegetables and fruit.

So, today I only think it is fitting to create one of these festive and beautiful cornucopias in honor of Thanksgiving. The great thing about this is that you can create one also. All it involves is a gathering of produce, a few flowers to add interest, some sort of basket or container to hold it, and a little imagination. Before you bow your head to give thanks on this special day, go out and create something beautiful to place in the middle of the table for all to enjoy!