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A contented little bumble bee just buzzed by me as if to say, “Summer is here!” And in my opinion, it’s not a moment too soon. Although I enjoy all four seasons for different reasons, I LOVE the blue skies, warm sunshine and lazy days of summer.

January and February have always been drab and cold months to me. Trying to escape the cold weather, my wife and I usually plan a trip to enjoy the sandy beaches of the Atlanta Ocean in South Florida. We travel to the warmth of Boca Raton to visit friends. This year we had to postpone our annual trip. I had surgery in early February and you know how surgery has a way of knocking you off your feet and schedule!

While recuperating from my surgery, I decided to paint. It had been a while since I had picked up my paint brushes. It was apparent where my mind was. Even though it was cold and damp outside my studio, the canvases came to life with the tropics. Blue skies, thick green foliage, rich tropical blooms and all kinds of fruit became the subject matter of my paintings.

As I mixed the colors, it became very therapeutic to me. The warmth of the paintings made February bearable. Then as I slowly got back to my old self, I marched full steam ahead into the pinkness of our annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Before I knew it the month of March was gone.

We decided to reschedule out trip to South Florida for the end of April. Even though it was a few months late, I couldn’t wait to feel the sand under my feet. I decided I would take my new tropical paintings with me. Several of my friends had been waiting for me to paint some tropicals and I wanted them to see what I had done over the last couple of months.

The further we drove down the road, the more the colors and foliage began to resemble my paintings. I thought about how interesting this was. Not feeling my best during the dreary months of January and February had caused me to dream of where I wanted to be. And as I dreamed, my paintings were born.

The summer months have that kind of effect on most of us. The closer we get to summer, the more we long for it! Well, the wait is over. Summer is here! Get out and enjoy it! Fire up the grill, churn up the homemade ice cream and create something beautiful this summer!

Just in case you are wondering, my tropical paintings stayed in South Florida. Just like me, they felt at home there!