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Change Is Good

This time of year always makes me think of change. Winter is over and everything around us begins to flourish and bloom! Spring provides the perfect opportunity to take a look at your house and make some much needed changes Ė a spring cleaning of sorts!.

I know this has probably happened to each of you at some point in your life. You walk into a room in your home and say to yourself, ďI cannot stand this room for one more second! This is going to be the season that I make some changes in my home.Ē

I am very familiar with this kind of thought process. Itís the kind that forces you to make those much needed changes that you have been putting off. You keep saying to yourself that it can wait until next year. After all, itís not that bad. Or is it? Finally it gets to the point every time you pass that particular room, you desperately try to even avoid eye contact with it. Each day takes its toll until you finally throw your hands up in the air and scream, ďI cannot bear it any more! I have to make some changes!Ē

I have done this very same thing many times over the years with my home. In fact, when we first purchased our house almost 19 years ago, I made it very clear to anyone who would listen that I hated the kitchen. In fact, I even told my wife I didnít want the house unless I could re-do the kitchen really soon. Well, for almost 10 years, I passed through my kitchen trying to ignore its horrible features. Year after year, I tried new strategies to attempt to cover it up with a new picture or brightly colored platter. It ended up looking like an aging actress with too much makeup. It still looked horrible. One spring when I had reached my absolute limit, I snatched down a whole section of the hideous wallpaper that had glared at me for so long. Secretly I thought that if it was torn down I would have to do something about it. And, finally we did.

Yes, it was scary! Yes, it was very involved, time consuming and fairly expensive. But when it was all over and the last bit of dust from the builderís sanders had settled and the brand new floor mopped, I had to admit that it was worth it! In fact, I swear the kitchen smiles at me every time I walk through it as if to thank me for its new face lift. I now enjoy spending lots of time there. I am so glad I had finally had enough to force myself to do something.

My wife and I were exhausted when we finished the kitchen project that took most of the summer! We didnít even want to think about some of the other changes we wanted to make. Since then we have somehow managed to keep the lid on our simmering pots of change. This has worked for a while, but lately that pot is boiling over! We have always known that we need a larger master bathroom. When houses like ours were built in the early 1900ís large master bathrooms were not a priority. People were thrilled to simply have a bathroom inside of their home instead of outside, no matter what size it was! Every time the subject of a new bathroom was raised by one of us, we quickly returned that pot to the back burner and tightly closed the lid.

That has changed recently. We were invited to a party at a home in our neighborhood which has been under renovation for well over a year. As I walked by it on a daily basis, I have seen trucks and workers going and coming on a regular basis. I was amazed and intrigued. I couldnít wait to see what our new neighbors were doing. You can imagine how excited I was to be invited to a party at that very house. I wanted the whole tour from the owners and I got it. Let me just say that it is gorgeous!

When my wife and I walked into the completely new, pristine, state of the art master bathroom our neighbors had added on, our months flew open. It is exactly what we had always wanted to do in our home. In other words, our pot full of ideas boiled completely over and I think we are going to be forced to deal with our master bathroom issue soon. At least, we are entertaining the idea and talking about getting some plans drawn up. That is the first step. You have to want to make a change before you can make one.

It is amazing the power that seeing something you like can have on your mind. Whether you see it in person, in a newspaper or magazine or television, once that pot starts to boil, itís hard not to deal with it. Take advantage of this special time of year to think of ways to improve you home and surroundings. Go out and create something beautiful this spring!